"BioFuels 21"  LLC

Office Manager


in St. Petersburg, Russia 

Tel:+79013013759 (Rus.) 

 Mr. Sergei Vartanov

 in Suqian City, China

in Ottawa, Canada

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vegetable oils
Bridge to the world

Our Company specializes in marketing and sourcing of rapeseed, jatropha oil and other vegetable oils for biofuel. 


Company has established a good presence on global market through the representative offices in Russia, Canada, India and China. 


Our objective is to ensure competitive prices, high quality and timely delivery. 

Customer satisfaction is always top of mind; we are committed to best possible customer service.  


We also supply directly from manufacturers in Russia wood pellets and various husk briquettes: sunflower, rice, buckwheat as well as straw and peat briquettes.

We have created a firm Biofuels XXI Ltd for the production of alternative fuels and recycling of sunflower oil and rice.


In Russia, more than 70% of the waste production is filled ravines, burned or simply thrown away, thereby polluting nature, harming the environment. 


We decided "to kill two birds with one stone": improve (at least some) environment, create jobs and improve the budget (pay taxes).


Besides all this, pellets and briquettes, which are made out of sunflower husk and rice husk during combustion does not pollute the atmosphere and thus have a positive effect on the environment.


In the use of alternative fuels (instead of gas, diesel fuel, coal, etc.) a lot of advantages for the environment!

It is necessary to keep us all together irreplaceable resources of our earth!