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Briquetted coal

Currently developing new types of heat sources.


Coal is one of the main natural resources are used as fuels for consumer and industrial needs. Using innovative technology, coal briquetting of coal fines Kuznetsk coal basin brands "T, SS," let us get coal briquettes of high quality, competitive in the market of coal.


We offer you the briquetted charcoal (hereinafter briquettes) that can be used for heating of objects of small and medium size objects of social, household products, for household needs, passenger cars, furnaces, boilers, in Smithy. During the combustion of briquettes do not sintered, do not form a slag deposits, only the ashes of the furnace burning 1.5-2 times longer than normal coal. Briquettes do not toxic, economical to use, and are environmentally friendly fuel that has been tested.


Laboratory studies have shown that the briquettes produced high quality (Fortress - 6.6 kg \ cm2 net calorific value of 5700 kcal, 6500.

Description briquette:

1. briquettes made in a cylindrical shape.

2. The size of the diameter may be: Ø40 mm; Ø50 mm.

3. The length of the briquettes varies from 50 mm to 100 mm (optional).

4. briquettes has a cylindrical bore inside the air passage. According to the technology, it leads to complete combustion and high quality briquettes.

5. If you are using our technology, briquettes, a smooth, clean and less easily soiled than a conventional coal.

Compare the advantages and raw coal briquettes:


Briquettes due to density, given to him during production, during transportation is not destroyed, and does not break. Ordinary coal is transported in open wagons shaft, and only when one is loaded into the car, the amount of coal is reduced by 10% in the general volume, ie, when you consider the amount of congestion coal delivery to the consumer, the volume is reduced by 10-15%.


In furnaces raw coal is burned incompletely - a trifle wakes up through the grate into the ash pan, and it is about 10% of the total mass of coal fell asleep, and when burning pieces of coal split allocating coal dust that flies into the pipe, clogging up the environment. Also in the furnace remains ash (sintered rock).


BRIQUETS completely burned after combustion no slag remains only ashes. BRIQUETS can store both indoors and outdoors, but under a canopy, avoid prolonged exposure to precipitation as rain or sleet. It is not necessary to build a special "uglyarki" throw coal shovel, to sort it manually from the rocks.


Brought in by raw coal has in its scope certain amount of rock and debris, which is an integral part of the loading station. During the production of briquettes coal feedstock is cleared of rocks and other impurities.

ООО БиоТопливо ХХI, BioFuels ХХI Ltd

ООО БиоТопливо ХХI, BioFuels ХХI Ltd -- Альтернативное топливо XXI века призвано защитить экологию на нашей планете. Biofuels XXI - Alternative fuel XXI century is to protect the ecology of our planet.

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1. Packed in polypropylene bags of 25 kg.

2. Today, you can plan for your delivery.

3. Shipment is possible both rigs to 20 m, and covered wagons and train containers.

4. This product in the domestic market is not certified, and for deliveries abroad at each statement of the party is an international certificate.


If you are interested in our offer, the details about the price, terms and conditions can learn more by completing the application form from your company.