"BioFuels 21"  LLC

Office Manager


in St. Petersburg, Russia 

Tel:+79013013759 (Rus.) 

 Mr. Sergei Vartanov

 in Suqian City, China

in Ottawa, Canada

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(1) Seller’s Representative issues ICPO and Authorization for Soft Probe.

(2) Buyer signs/seals SCO.

(3) Seller issues Draft Contract.

(4) Buyer signs/seals Draft Contract and sends it back to Seller.

(5) Seller signs/seals and sends the Final Contract to Buyer.

(6) Within 5 banking days, Buyer opens a non-operative 100% Irrevocable Confirmed Unconditional Transferable or Non Transferable SBLC (MT 760).

Auto Revolving Basis for 12 Months or more on Yearly Contract.

(7) Within 5 banking days Seller provides Proof of Product to the buyer (bank to bank) and issues 2% Performance Bond. SBLC becomes Operative.

(8) Delivery begins as per agreed delivery schedule.